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About Medical and Rehabilitation Trust

Established in 2004, with objectives of expanding behavior activities for suffering challenged persons and patient’s, this organisation is constantly working at different part of west Bengal. Various camps, meetings, wheelchair and other logistic support events etc , are regularly organized by MRT the leadership and active management by the managing trustee Dr.M.M.Ghatak.

Rehabilitation pateint care model

It is a pioneer in clinical rehabilitation care –advancing human Ability through teamwork research and scientific innovation. The many parts of our leading care converge the moment you enter Rehab Centre .From your multidisciplinary care team to our research and medical discoveries, you will be receiving the most advanced care anywhere.

Individual care developed to fit your goals

Every patient is unique. At Medical and Rehabilitation Center guides our care decisions, but the goals you set with your care team dictate your personalized plan. When you arrive at Medical and Rehabilitation Center, you will build goals for rehabilitation with your team, discuss the progress you can expect to make during your stay and be involved in creating an individual treatment plan focused on restoring ability. With a plan in place, your care team will design a therapy program to fit your unique station.


3 doctors and 1 advocate

Activity mode

Purely non-profit making


Mostly disabled people of district & of lower socio economic status

Best Parctices

Our approach to providing you with the best available care.

Cinque Terre

Dr. M. M. Ghatak has pioneered the concept of total Physical and Medical Rehabilitation from the private sector in India.

A brilliant student, he did his M. D. in Physical and Medical Rehabilitation from IPGMER under SSKM Hospital in 1996. He has had exposure at the Beaumont Hospital, Dublin and also at Ramadhibodhi Hospital, Bangkok. Dr. Ghatak is highly inspired by Dr. T. Kavanag, Ex-director, Toronto rehabilitation Center in Canada.

Dr. Ghatak has devoted his life to arousing the awareness of the Indian people towards the importance of total physical and medical rehabilitation for recovery of the patients having partial or total disability caused out of disease, accident or congenital defects.

Who We Are

Medical and Rehabilitation Center provides services for those who have suffered functional loss due to a Paralyses, stroke, illness or Pain &injury It Work closely with patient individual goals and needs. With a team of highly trained professionals, state-of-the-art equipment and compassionate spirit, Medical and Rehabilitation Center is here to assist you on your journey to home. Orthotist & prothetist : for assisting any paralysed or deformed body part by some supportive physical modality,like splints,braces, calipers etc

Our Team

Our rehabilitation team includes skilled members from the following disciplines:

  • Rehab Physicians: Specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation (MBBS, MD) as well as other rehabilitation specialties prescribe and oversee the treatment program of each patient.
  • Physical therapy: Work to improve strength, balance, coordination, endurance and mobility.
  • Occupational therapy: Provide assistance in regaining activities of daily living such as eating, bathing and dressing, specially the hand function.
  • Speech Therapy: Evaluate and treat disorder of speech and communication and also treat trouble in speaking related to understanding, remembering or solving everyday problem.
  • Psycho Therapy: Help patient and families cope with mental and cognitive set back arising from any disease, injury or disability.
  • We have also dietician to help the patient to maintain the proper nutrition as required in different types of patient.

Our Vision And Values

Our vision is to provide appropriate services in the right setting by dedicated people with and for the community.


Interacting with patients, clients and customers as you would like them to interact with you.


Delivering a standard of services and support which we would expect for ourselves.


Being dedicated to the promotion and success of the Rehabilitation Centre.


Working together in a positive and supportive manner.

Rehabilitation Starts With A Goal

We are committed to your Goals.

From the moment you enter the rehabilitation Centre .You are part of a team. The committed, passionate staff at Medical and Rehabilitation Center will work with you in reaching your goals and will be your side every step of the way. We are eager to support your commitment to a rewarding life.

What Our Patients Are Saying

A Source of pride Medical and Rehabilitation Center is what our Patients say about us. We strive to care for each patient as though they are family-by giving each patient the individual time and care they deserve. Our scores reflect this attitude.

  • 97 percent of our patient says they would recommend the Rehabilitation Centre to others.
  • 97 percent of our Patients say they were satisfied with the overall quality of their nursing care.
  • 98 percent of our patients are satisfied with the overall quality of medical & Rehab care.

Returning Our Patients Home

80 Percent of patients who were discharge from the Rehabilitation Centre were able to return to an independent living setting.

The Average length of stay for a patient of stroke, Brain injury, spinal injury or major muscle /ortho problem is 25 days .And for acute pain, minor to moderate paralytic disorder etc is 8-10 days.