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Welcome To Medical and Rehabilitation Center

re·ha·bil·i·ta·tion n. The return of function after illness or injury, often with the assistance of specialised medical professionals.

The concept of Rehabilitation is not very popular in India yet. Many people - even doctors and medical practitioners - don't appreciate the concept of total rehabilitation. While a few government sponsored institutions are doing work on a small scale, it is indeed very important to arouse the public awareness about physical and medical rehabilitation.

The Medical and Rehabilitation Center is committed for providing health care and services that meet the needs of our diverse community, who use and visit our centre. The life line Rehabilitation is within easy walking distance to Vardaan Market Camac Street & Park Street, the rehab centre is a private medical unit, offering a Range of inpatient, outpatient and home care services.It also provides inpatient services to patients covered by private Health Insurance. This Booklet will provide you with some basic information to prepare you for stay or getting daycare services and consultation in Rehabilitation Centre. Our Doctor and professional welcome you to our services and hope you find this booklet useful.

Why Rehab?

  • Most of the patient attending to the doctor clinic is having some ailment which usually needs proper diagnostic require medical or surgical management along with multicentric Rehab therapeutic.
  • Any disease is a dynamic problem never it can be solved by the technical hand of it physiotherapy only.
  • Moreover the entire therapeutic in modern days has been fragmented by different specialty of therapist like a person regaining muscle strength is often require hi-tech occupational therapy to be capable of doing some work.
  • Simple physiotherapy cannot motivate a psychological and cognitive deficit, like in stroke, Parkinson’s and old age patient.
  • Moreover during continuation of any therapy so many of dynamic medical condition may appear like increased BP, fall of sugar, fall of electrolytes cardiac and chest problem or simply the patient may not show any improvement or fall of the status all these condition
  • Require active medical supervisor and management. So all these above mention thing cannot be handle by a single physiotherapy.
  • Rehab means it's a complete team work process each and every therapist is a important role to complete the rehab single physiotherapy cannot perform the entire task in rehab .We have a latest equipment and gadgets which used by expertise only there various machine which are used in rehabilitation centre.

Your Journey To Recovery

Our rehabilitation team includes skilled members from the following disciplines

We keep you moving.

  • Rehab Physicians: Specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation (MBBS, MD) as well as other rehabilitation specialties prescribe and oversee the treatment program of each patient.
  • Physical therapy: Work to improve strength, balance, coordination, endurance and mobility.
  • Occupational therapy: Provide assistance in regaining activities of daily living such as eating, bathing and dressing, specially the hand function.
  • Speech Therapy: Evaluate and treat disorder of speech and communication and also treat trouble in speaking related to understanding, remembering or solving everyday problem.
  • Psycho Therapy: Help patient and families cope with mental and cognitive set back arising from any disease, injury or disability.
  • We have also dietician to help the patient to maintain the proper nutrition as required in different types of patient.

How we Treat Our Patients

At all our facilities, the Physical and Medical Rehabilitation specialist attends the patient with the above-mentioned experts to formulate a complete treatment plan. The progress is regularly monitored by a committee and the treatment plan is updated as per progress achieved so far.

Start Rehabilitation from Day 1

Yes. Its true!

You have to start rehabilitation from day 1, the day the stroke or accident took place. In fact, the treatment of the disease and the scientific rehabilitation procedure should run simultaneously. Neglect of disabilities in early stages is far costlier than aggressive rehab right from day 1.

You can make a difference, however small.

If you are a layman ...

... you can help to increase the awareness of the significant impact that an early and complete rehabilitation can cause. Discuss it with your family, your friends and your community peer group.

If you are managing a medical centre ...

... plan to introduce total rehabilitation facilities in your center for full recovery of your patients. Write to Dr. Ghatak with details of your infra-structure and how you plan to offer these facilities. Dr. Ghatak will then get back to you soon with a detailed offer on how you should proceed on this issue.

You can join hands with Dr. Ghatak and open a rehab department in your center under guidance of Dr. Ghatak. He will not only help you set it up, he will periodically interact with you monitoring your progress.

If you are a NGO or charitable person ...

... promoting the concept of total rehabilitation and making people at large, aware of the importance is a Herculean task. It needs immense manpower and financial resources.

Contact Dr. Ghatak with your ideas on how you can help him promote the awareness. You can also set up rehabilitation centers under guidance of Dr. Ghatak to offer the rehabilitation facilities to a wider cross section of the society so that more people can go back to live a normal life and not be confined to their homes or bed.

If you are running a socially responsible company ...

... you can sponsor the various projects being run by Dr. Ghatak. It is very important to spread the message of the importance of total physical and medical rehabilitation to the wide cross section of the society. You can derive considerable satisfaction as well as visibility by sponsoring these projects.

Contact Dr. Ghatak with your sponsorship plans and he will get back soon with further details.